Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Classroom Helpers: Come hang out, play with the kids, read books, help with snacks, run a center, assist at carpet time, help dress kids for outside,  or hang artwork in the halls.
  • Total Bills Food Receipts: This person simply totals the receipts turned in, you will need to have a calculator or adding machine with a paper roll. We need one volunteer for the full program year.
  • Book Orders: We usually do 4-5 scholastic book orders throughout the year.  This person would tabulate the orders as they come in, work with on-line submissions, and sort the orders when they arrive. We need one volunteer for the full program year.
  • Pencil Sharpening Fairy: This person will come in once a week or so, and sharpen any pencils that need to sharpened (we have an electric sharpener).
  • Reception Organizer: This person will plan the receptions after the Christmas and graduation programs. They are responsible for creating sign-up sheets and helping to organize set-up and clean-up families as well.
  • Play-dough Makers: We need a volunteer each month to make fresh play-dough for both the 4K and preschool programs We need a total of 18 volunteers (I per month per program).
  • Project Prep Assistants: We could use 1 volunteer per month per program to assist teachers and the Assistant Director of Programming with tracing, pre-cutting, and/or assembling of projects/books.  We need a total of 18 volunteers (I per month per program).

Want to volunteer but have younger/other children in your care?

We would love to have your help; however, younger siblings, friends, or relatives cannot come to Little Angles Early Learning Center during regular class times. This includes during the times in which you would be a volunteer. The following is information from a child care licensing specialist from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Family, Division of Early Care and Education, Bureau of Early Care Regulation.

Any child on the premise during regular child care hours (other than drop-off and pick-up times) would be considered a child in care, thus all required forms and updates would be required to be on file.  In addition, our child care, preschool, and 4K facility would be required to have an approved crib or playpen, diaper changing area in the room (not in the bathroom) with a separate sink, and infant/toddler equipment in any room that a child under the age of 2 would be in attendance (not just on the premise).

Additionally, the following rules would also be in jeopardy of being violated.

  • DCF251.09(1)(d) Each infant and toddler shall be cared for by a regularly assigned child care worker in a specific self-contained room or area. Infants and toddlers may not be transferred to the care of another child care worker or another group or room to adjust group size or staff-to-child ratios.
  • DCF 251.09(1)(e) regularly assigned child care teacher and assistant shall have a minimum of 10 hours of training in infant and toddler care approved by the department within 6 months of assuming the position.
  • DCF 251.05(4)(b) staff-to-child ratio
  • Birth to 2 years
  • Minimum Number of Child Care Workers to Children 1 – 4
  • Maximum Number of Children in a Group: 8

We love to have volunteers in the classroom, and we understand that everyone has a different family/child care situation, but we are required to follow these rules in place for the care and safety of all children. If you make other arrangements for the other child/ren in your care, we would love to have you volunteer in our class. Thanks for understanding.

Volunteer Forms: