4K Program

Through ongoing collaboration between the Oregon School District, Community 4K Partners (7 different 4K sites) and our families, the 4K Ready for Learning program is an all-inclusive learning opportunity. The curriculum and assessments are aligned with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, designed for children birth to first grade. The program exposes children to the interrelated development domains of Social and Emotional Development, Communication, Language and Early Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, and Scientific Exploration, as well as Health and Physical Development.


  • Washing and checking in with question of day
  • Sign in and check-in job (one activity in the back of room)
  • Free play and clean up
  • Morning Stretch or Get Ready Song
  • Carpet time (tallying the answers to the daily question, weather, calendar, rhyming, alphabet song/activity, and learning weekly rhyme/poem)
  • Star student sharing (class pet, photos, and all about me poster)
  • Snack (supplied by our center)
  • Quiet books on belly
  • Rest Time (one relaxing song followed by 3 deep breathes)
  • Story time and center explanation
  • 3-4 Centers/Stations (include math, handwriting, arts/crafts, movement, sensory, science)
  • Pack up
  • Gross Motor/Recess (outside if weather allows)
  • Dismissal of bus riders
  • Reading of Star books or educational guessing games until parents arrive for non-bus riders

Hours of Operation:

Classes are held weekly Monday thru Thursday with one in-class Friday per month.  4K follows the Oregon School District calendar as far as school closing (inservices), Winter & Spring Breaks, and holidays. Little Angels Early Learning Center’s 4K class times are as follows:

  • Morning class is 8:15 to 11:15
  • Afternoon class is 12:15 to 3:15

If the weather is questionable, watch in the media for cancellations or delay decisions for the Oregon/Brooklyn school District as we follow that decision.  (Please remember that if they close or release early all scheduled evening meetings, programs, or events will also be cancelled.)

  • If they close for the day, our center will be closed,
  • if they delay start, there will not be morning 4K,
  • if they release early, there will not be afternoon 4K.

We will remain open if the Oregon School District posts a closing for building maintenance or other issues.

Our 4K classroom is licensed for no more than 20 students per class. The Oregon School District tries to keep class sizes to 17-18 per class. All enrollment decisions are made from the school district.


There are no fees associated with this program, as it is fully funded by the Oregon School District.

Early drop-off or late-pick up fees may be assessed by 4K sites if your child is in the classroom more than 5 minutes before of after the scheduled class time. Please check your center’s policies book for what this fee is.  Charges will not be assess if the early arrival or late pick up is due to the Oregon School District buses.

Parent Involvement:
We love to have parent volunteers, but it is not a requirement of our program. We have a variety of opportunities to assist our classes/center this include:

  • in room volunteers
  • party helpers
  • book order volunteer
  • pencil sharpener
  • Bill’s Receipts, Milk Moola, Campbell’s Label tabulators
  • project preppers
  • play dough makers
  • committee members

Please note that we don’t usually start in-room volunteers until October, this is to help us and kiddos with the transition to school and to better learn teacher-student roles and expectations. We do require a volunteer orientation prior to volunteering in the classroom, and due to licensing rules younger siblings are not allowed to attend while you are volunteering.

Email the 4K teachers:  laelc.4K@gmail.com