Tuition & Fees

Registration Fees:

A registration fee of $125 per child per program is due when you register your child for Little Angels Christian Preschool, Expanded Preschool, and/or Childcare/Wrap-care.

This registration fee is not applicable to tuition and is non-refundable.

Childcare/Wrap-Care Fees & Tuition:

Call for Rates – Phone: (608) 835-1945

Childcare fees are to be paid by Friday of the week prior to care given

NSF Fees: There is no NSF fee charged for each check that is returned, however, you will be asked to pay for the returned check payment in cash, after 2 occurrences, you will be asked to pay with cash or money order.

Late Fees: You will be assessed a $5/5 minutes that you are late picking up and will be due with your next tuition payment. There is a $15 late payment fee assessed for payment reaching us after they are due.

Preschool & Expanded Preschool Monthly Tuition:

The monthly tuition fees are set by the board of directors by March 1 for the upcoming school year.

The current rates are as follows:

  • Preschool classes (T/TH AM or T/TH PM) = $155.00/month/child
  • Expanded Preschool class (Mon/Wed/Fri AM) = $225.00/month/child

Fee Payment Schedule:

  • Registration Fee Due when submitting registration forms
  • September Tuition –  Due on Back to School Night in August
  • October Tuition – Due September 1
  • November Tuition  – Due October 1
  • December Tuition – Due November 1
  • January Tuition – Due December 1
  • February Tuition – Due January 1
  • March Tuition – Due February 1
  • April Tuition – Due March 1
  • May Tuition – Due April 1

Payments received after the 7th of each month are subject to a $25.00 late fee. Please see the fee section of the Parent Handbook  for more information.

4K Program

There are no fees associated with this program, as it is fully funded by the Oregon School District.  NOTE: Early drop-off or late-pickup fees may be assessed by 4K sites if your child is in the classroom more than 5 minutes before or after the scheduled class time. Please check your center’s policies book for what this fee is.  Charges will not be assess if the early arrival or late pick up is due to the Oregon School District buses.